Needs more busy

You must obey me:


Give it time to load and make your browser full screen so it tiles every available pixel.

As you have now recovered from the seizure, I’ll explain. A few months ago a friend sent the animated gif below. It’s been floating around the net but I haven’t been able to figure out who first created it. (You’ll get the original if you click on the image – is exceedingly and inscrutably not fast for this file.)


I put it on the TV screen and the kids stared at it for a long, long time. But I thought, what would make this better? It was not nearly busy enough, and my screen was a lot wider than the image. All those pixels lying fallow made me sad. So I made a new version with a horrific script and ImageMagick, using different combinations of rotating the original image vertically, flipping horizontally, and time shifting. Now it tiles both vertically and horizontally.


You’re welcome.

One response to “Needs more busy

  1. OK, that is mesmerizing. Especially on a 30” screen.

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