Tang Band T1-1942S followup

I’ve used a pair of Tang Band T1-1942S as nearfield speakers at my standing desk since I first wrote about it a year ago.  It’s an extremely unconventional nearfield setup, with the speakers hung at ear level by velcro from a wire shelf, high pass filtered and supplemented with a cheap subwoofer.

Sometimes when I am trying something weird I get off on the novelty for a little while and then get annoyed by the practicalities of it, but that hasn’t happened here.  I still like these little modules and my wire standing desk.  (Note these are for casual use at the desk – I use a better system for serious listening.)

I had a request for a video showing the speakers in operation, so here you are.  Apologies for the slap-dash video and audio quality.

I didn’t say this very clearly but the two lines on the impedance graph I showed were measurements for the left and right speakers.  The minimum impedance of 4 ohms and frequency of the resonance peaks match the manufacturer’s specs, but there is a dramatic impedance disagreement between the two speakers.  The two peaks are the resonance of the box and of the passive radiator; sweeping with my fingers damping the PR smooths out the low peak as expected.

2 responses to “Tang Band T1-1942S followup

  1. Shayd

    Hard to say if the bass comes from subwoofer or also from the speakers, I’m merely trying to copy Soundlink mini without paying 200$ for the tiny speaker, hence why I’m interested in those, afterall this is the only speakers on the market with passive radiator this small

  2. The bass for the Tang Band speakers isn’t going to go down past 100Hz hanging in air the way I use them (they would do a little deeper flush mounted). A search for “soundlink mini frequency response” found lots of SPL graphs from around the net, and they seem to agree it can reach around to around 60Hz, which is really good for a small footprint. Not nearly as good as adding a cheap sub, though that’s out of the question if you want portability.

    For your money the soundlink class of device is also getting you rechargeable battery, amp and bluetooth. It isn’t interesting to me because I’m not particularly concerned with portability and require stereo separation. If you just want to avoid a sub you can still do much better in the price range with traditional bookshelf speakers. For example, a pair of SP-BS21-LR will sound better and are $80 on Amazon at the moment, and I’ve seen them as low as $50.

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